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Lady's waiting room

The Lady's Waiting Room was available for ladies traveling alone. It is one of 3 rooms

available with an upstairs

rental. $45 per day

The downstairs kitchen includes sinks, a large freezer, refrigerator/freezer combination, a stove/oven combination and a serving window. $65 per day

the downstairs kitchen

The Depot also has a large front lawn that is used for fund raising events.

the front lawn

THE WATSEKA UNION DEPOT was built in 1906 and provided mail, freight and passenger services.

The Depot was closed in 1967 and was in danger of being lost forever. In the 1980s, a group of

local citizens worked for the funding to move and restore our depot.

In order to maintain the Depot's facilites, space is rented to the public. As the space is a physical

museum, certain rules must be enforced for the protection of the Depot.

1) No alcoholic beverages

2) No open flames

3) No decorations that would permanently alter the space

       (for example; tape on walls  or floors that would damage paint when removed)

4) A damage deposit of $100 required

UPPER LEVEL $50 per day: This is original Depot space. The rooms are open spaces including: 

the main waiting room, the Lady's waiting room, the original freight office and a single unisex

bathroom. Included in the price, the Depot provides five 6-8 foot tables and 30 chairs. The space

will accommodate 20 people.

LOWER LEVEL $75 per day: This space was added when the Depot was restored. The rooms include:

a large open room, male and female restrooms and a full kitchen. A ramp is available for handicap

access. The kitchen includes sinks, a large freezer, a refrigerator/ freezer combination and a

stove/oven combination. Included in the price, the Depot provides twelve 6-8 foot tables and 90

chairs. The space will accommodate 60 people.

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